Our iconic Roge P, made of reed straw, has a new look ;) This time with organic leather ornaments and ajdustable straps! Oh, I must remeber you: The straw cannot absorb moisture. So, for a better conservation, store it in the tulle bag that comes with the bag in an airy place. Hand crafted by our talented Peruvian artisans, Roge is and ideal match for any occasion!

    Our Lotus Bag is made by artisans from the southeastern region of Brazil, using natural cotton threads and the crochet techniques. When acquiring this piece, you are helping to preserve the handmade culture of the Brazilian crochet and supporting the social and sustainable fashion. The bag also has a lined wicker handle made by male Brazilian artisans. The combination of its boho style and off-white colour is the perfect addition to your closet!

    Our Zana bag is made by hand by our artisans from the Northeaster region of Brazil, using buriti straw. Its handle is braided using organic cotton threads and its decorated with tassels, bringing an extra charm for your look.  Its lightness and size make it an ideal bag to be used on a daily basis.  This bag revelas the richness of the Brazilian artesanal work, reinforcing its cultural package. It also comes with an internal bag to protect your belongings.

    Handmade and unique, this bag is produced by a community of artisans from the Northeast of Brazil, reflecting the country's vibrancy and rich heritage. The Salix Mini Bag, made by natural fibres is no exception.  Complete your seasonal looks with this stylish and modern design.

    Our precious Agatha bag is handcrafted with Peruvian cotton threads in the Andes region of Peru.  This bag helps to preserve Peru’s artisanal cultura, that is passed down through many generations, giving a voice to these artisans in the social and sustainable fashion field.  Delicate and charming it composes an ideal look for special occasions!

    Our enchanting bucket Iris bag is handmade in natural Brazilian fibres by our artisans from  the northeastern region of Brazil. Its shape and colours invoke the Brazilian culture, giving a voice to such in the sustainable and social fashion field, changing the life of the artisans.  Its strap is made by organic and recyclable leather, reinforcing the idea that Nannacay is a sustainable brand that wishes to help the environment.  For a better conservation of the bag, its best to keep it in an ventilated place, inside the tule bag that comes with the piece

    Our iconic Cambui bag is handcrafted using non-pollutant thermoplastic resin fibers. In that sense, it's a perfect match for your look and the enviroment ! Furthermore it has an internal bag to protect your belongings ;)

    Our charming Tete bag is handcrafted in Brazil braided by women who have macramé as part of their culture, that has been passed down through many generations. Unique and exclusive it makes an ideal look for your day to day basis. Oh, just to let you know Tete comes with an internal bag to protect your belongings.

    The Noor bag is handcrafted with toquilla straw by our artisans from Ecuador and organic leather handles. Its pyramidal shape brings uniqueness to this masterpiece. Its inner compartment is composed of fabric lining and adjustable lock zipper made of leather straps. Light and smooth the Noor bag composes an ideal look for any special ocassion!